Young Innovation Brokers







The aim of the project is to train and educate young innovation brokers (PhD, master and bachelor students) who will be able to contribute to the Visegrad countries’ successful participation of the innovation activities in the European Union.

The concept of innovation is wide, that is the reason why the project concentrates mostly on agricultural productivity and sustainability with high preference of innovations related to Short Food Supply Chain.

The duration of the project will be six months. We are planning to promote our project at the partner institutes. We expect applications of student groups (3 students/ group). The groups should submit their English application form (one issue description from their own country related to the topic of Short Food Supply Chain and an innovative solution for the issue) to the coordinator of the project. One group will be selected from each country (all together 12 students). The training and education program will be organized in Hungary for the selected students. Partner institutions will be involved in the project by providing experts.

Further information will be provided soon. Applicants can download the Registration form here.

Funded by the International Visegrad fund
Program title: Visegrad fund: 01/06/2014 Small Grants
Total budget: 10,200.00 EUR
Total contribution from IVF: 6,000.00 EUR


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